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security training

Challenge yourself with real-world hacking scenarios in a game-like environment, complete with guides, hint-systems, and scoreboards.

Understanding offense

is the key to better defense

Adversary lets you understand how code breaks, how hackers mount exploits, and how attacks can be prevented. Assuming the role of the attacker develops your security mindset.

People learn best

when they are having fun

Our exercises are entertaining and challenging while being informative and realistic. We continually release new exercises that address current security issues, including all OWASP top 10-2017 application security risks to help you stay compliant.

Adversary has enabled us to make security training fun for our developers and we feel that the Adversary approach is very exciting.
Dr. Rey LeClerc Sveinsson, Valitor

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Keep your finger

on the team's pulse

Our supervisor dashboard gives you detailed overview of the progress of your developers. Adversary shows you which area could use further attention, and helps you identify your security rock stars.


Adversary lets you train your developers on a regular basis. Ever fresh, Adversary offers new assessments for core areas, at least every quarter.

Hire theright people

Make Adversary an integrated part of your hiring process, accurately assessing the security knowledge of your candidates.

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Do you manage programmers? Would you like to get an overview of the security training of your team and get an in-depth analysis of their performance? Contact us and we'll get right back to you!