Fun & Effective Cybersecurity Training for Development Teams

Arm your development teams with the necessary knowledge to avoid costly data breaches before they happen.
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90% of hacks occur from software defects because developers write insecure code
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The 3rd highest global risk
Is cyber attacks.*
$3.9 Million
Is the global average cost of a data breach.*
2 out of 3 web applications
Are vulnerable.*
Why adversary
Train your development teams before you fall victim to an attack
Stay up to date on the latest hacks and vulnerabilities and continuously improve the security knowledge within your organization.
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Why interactive security training?
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Most people retain only 5% of what they learn in a lecture versus 75-90% when they learn by doing.

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People learn best when they’re having fun.

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Learning how code breaks and how hackers take advantage teaches you how to prevent attacks.

Why adversary
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What can you do?
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Put yourself in the shoes of a hacker to learn how they exploit vulnerabilities such as OWASP Top 10 and PCI.

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Complete missions based on real-life hacks to anticipate an attacker’s moves before they strike.

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Earn coins, buy tips, and advance to more difficult missions.

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Owasp PCI
What can you learn?

Our labs and missions cover the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities, PCI, and more.

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Who is Adversary for?
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Challenge yourself with real-world hacking scenarios in a game-like environment complete with guides, hint-systems, and scoreboards.
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Train your development teams to understand common vulnerabilities and set up customized training campaigns.
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Minimize the risk of experiencing a costly data breach and ending up in the headline news.
How Dohop uses Adversary for PCI compliance.
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