Every member of your team benefits from security expertise, from developers to CISOs

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For Developers:
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Challenge yourself with real-world hacking scenarios in a game-like environment complete with guides, hint-systems, and scoreboards.

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Put yourself in the shoes of the hacker to learn how they exploit common vulnerabilities such as OWASP top 10 and PCI.

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Complete missions based on real-life hacks to anticipate an attacker’s moves before they strike.

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For Managers:
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Teach your development team to understand common vulnerabilities and set up customized training campaigns.

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Train your developers on a regular basis so they stay current and you stay compliant.

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Hire the right people by integrating Adversary with your hiring process to assess the security knowledge of your candidates.

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For Businesses:
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Minimize the risk of experiencing a costly data breach.

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Comply with PCI and ISO27001 by proving your development teams with continuous security training.

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Reduce the risk of a PR disaster and damage to your brand.

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